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Top 50 conflict-ridden countries

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Tribune Desk/ Bangladesh: Publish : 27 Sep 2023, 12:50 PM


Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED) has recently published a list of the 50 most conflict-ridden countries across the globe. 

Drawing on the past year of data, the ACLED Conflict Index assesses levels of political violence according to four key indicators: deadliness, danger to civilians, geographic diffusion of conflict and the number of active non-state groups (or fragmentation). 

Each country is ranked within each of these four indicators, which determines its overall ranking on the index.

Myanmar, with the highest number of armed groups in the world, topped the list with a rating of “extreme,” followed by Syria and Mexico. Ukraine, Nigeria, Brazil, Yemen, Iraq, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Colombia’s positions ranged from four to ten on the list with the rating of “extreme,” according to the data. On the other hand, superpower Russia ranked 39th with the rating of “turbulent,” the third of four categories with the top “extreme.”


Bangladesh ranked 22nd with a rating of “high,” the second category. Afghanistan, neighbouring India and financially troubled Pakistan ranked 13th, 16th and 19th with a “high” rating like Bangladesh.

The United States ranked last among the 50 most conflict-ridden countries – the only Western nation on the list. 

The index said some level of conflict occurs in almost every country, but the highest levels are found in 50. The top 50 ranked countries account for 97% of all political violence events recorded for the past 12 months.

50 countries

The first 10 countries are categorized as extreme, the next 20 countries (11-30) as high and the last 20 countries as turbulent. 

1. Myanmar 

2. Syria

3. Mexico

4. Ukraine

5. Nigeria

6. Brazil

7. Yemen

8. Iraq

9. Democratic Republic of Congo

10. Colombia

11. Palestine

12. Haiti

13. Afghanistan

13. Burkina Faso

15. Mali

16. India

16. Sudan

18. Guatemala

19. Pakistan

20. Honduras

21. Somalia

22. Bangladesh

22. Kenya

24. Cameroon

25. Ethiopia

26. Jamaica

27. Venezuela

28. Philippines

29.Trinidad and Tobago

30. Niger

31. South Sudan


33. Puerto Rico

34. Central African Republic

35. Burundi

36. Uganda

37. Mozambique

38. South Africa

39. Russia

40. Lebanon

41. eSwatini

42. Indonesia

42. Israel

44. Iran

45. Benin

46. Ecuador

47. Chad

47. Ghana

49. Libya

50. United States

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