Monday, June 17th 2024

There could be unrest if Rohingya can’t be sent back to Myanmar, says home minister

Cox's Bazar Correspondent,

Many agreements have been signed on the return of the Rohingya nationals but have stalled due to Myanmar, he says Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan says he worries that some of the concerns regarding the presence of the Rohingya population in Bangladesh are coming to pass.

"The future of the Rohingya expelled from Myanmar is uncertain. We have been saying before that if they are not sent back to their native Myanmar soon, there may be unrest here.”

“A hub of international terrorists can be created here. There may be an influx of arms. Many things could happen. And we can see some signs of them."

The minister’s remarks came during a visit to a Rohingya camp in Cox's Bazar's Ukhiya on Friday. The minister went to the APBn office of the Rohingya camp at Ghonar Para 19 in Ukhiya at 11am. He met with APBn officials there until 12:30pm. Then he spoke to the media.

The home minister said, "Some of those who are fighting inside Myanmar can be seen here [in the Rohingya camp]. The biggest fear is that our country does not produce any drugs, but drugs have been coming in from Myanmar for a long time.”

“Now some people in the camp are involved in drugs. We are trying to identify them. At the same time, efforts are ongoing to find weapons and those involved in killings.”

Khan said that the main task is to identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

The home minister said, "I came to the Rohingya camp and spoke with the APBn officials engaged in security work and learned about their challenges, the advantages and disadvantages. I told them that Bangladesh has built its history by suppressing militancy and terrorism.”

"The APBn is helping Bangladesh move forward by providing security to Rohingya camps. The situation in the Rohingya camps is peaceful and under control because the APBn is doing its duty.”

In response to a question, the home minister commented that Myanmar's words and actions do not match.

"Bangladesh, along with many international organisations, is continuing to take action to repatriate the Rohingya. Myanmar is a volatile country. A war is going on.”

"Though various agreements or understandings have been signed with Myanmar on the return of the Rohingya, it has not progressed because of Myanmar. Hopefully, Myanmar will take back the Rohingya soon.”

After talking to the journalist, the home minister visited the hilly area of the A-7 block in the Rohingya camp. From there he went to Teknaf and spoke with BGB officials.

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