Sunday, July 21st 2024

ISPR warns against social media rumours about Saint Martin’s Island security June 17, 2024


The Inter-Services Public Relations Directorate, or ISPR, has urged the public not to be misled by rumours circulating on social media regarding the security of Saint Martin's Island.


Some quarters with vested interests are spreading the rumours due to the ongoing internal conflict in Myanmar, which is in proximity to the island, the ISPR said in a press release on Monday.


"Everyone is urged not to be misled by such rumours," the statement said.


According to the statement, The Myanmar military is conducting operations against the Arakan Army rebel group in Rakhine State. This has led to “unintended” firing incidents on Bangladeshi boats in the Naf River and nearby areas.


In response, the Bangladesh Ministry of Foreign Affairs lodged a protest on Jun 12.


The Myanmar Navy has been targeting Arakan Army positions from their territorial waters near Saint Martin's Island, with the Arakan Army retaliating.


Multiple Myanmar Navy warships are operating near the border and they have informed the Bangladesh Navy about their presence, the ISPR said.


The Bangladesh Navy and Coast Guard are regularly patrolling the area to monitor the situation, it added.

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