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“Our operation period will be extended. Our operation will become more intense. To sum up, the current revolution, our forces and the people will win.” Khun Bee Htoo, Chair of KNDF

Narinjara News (Interview), November 17, 2023


An interview with KNDF Chair Khun Bee Htoo about the launch of Operation 11.11

Revolutionary forces captured seven military council’s outposts in Demoso Township, Nanmalkhone, Moebye and Loikaw Township, and seized nearly 100 various weapons with the launch of “Operation 11.11” on 11 November.


“Operation 11.11” is jointly being conducted by the Karenni Army (KA), Karenni Nationalities Defense Force (KNDF), Karenni National People’s Liberation Front (KNPLF), Demoso People’s Defense Force (PDF), Loikaw-PDF, Moebye PDF, Pekon PDF, Phruso PDF, Urban Guerrilla Force and Southern Shan PDF.


In a one-day offensive operation, the force successfully captured seven military outposts and seized a large quantity of arms and ammunition. This is a big success for the current war, according to the statement by the KNDF.


At a time when the joint force was attacking the military council’s outposts, the military forces based in Demoso, Loikaw and Moebye fired too many heavy weapons. Two fighter jets of the military council fired nearly 20 times in the fighting between Loikaw and Demoso Townships, and also fired about two times with an attack helicopter.


During the fierce fighting, a fighter plane of the military council was shot by the revolutionary forces KNDF-B01 and KA with Point five machine gun and then, the plane crashed. The two military council pilots also jumped out of the plane with a parachute. Now the military council is searching for the missing pilots. In the battle that started on 11 November, the Karenni force was able to shoot down a fighter jet and captured many military outposts. The military council suffered heavy casualties. Some soldiers surrendered to the Karenni force. In addition, there are many military council soldiers who have left the camp and run away. The KNDF also said that the fighting could become more intense.

The Narinjara interviewed KNDF’s Chair Khun Bee Htoo about the Operation 11.11” which launched on 11 November and the ongoing fighting.


Q: Why did the KNDF launch “Operation 11.11” on 11 November?

A: “Operation 11.11” is the continuation of operations conducted throughout the Spring Revolution. Recent days, the “Operation 1027” was launched in northern Shan State. We use this name to coordinate and formulate the operation on 11 November. All the operations aim to overthrow the dictator, create self-determination and establish a federal union.


Q: As the battle has been intense since the beginning, how can the next battle be?

A: The battles will be intense for the next few days. We are monitoring the conditions of the military council. The military council conducted offensives against us throughout this summer. After we captured Mese in the rainy season, we monitored the military council’s offensives. Now, we are doing our best to fight together with other revolutionary allies. We mainly carry out targeted attacks on the military outposts which inspected and oppressed the public. We mainly captured the outposts which attacked our revolutionary forces and collected taxes.


Q: Why do you support “Operation 1027”?

A: We have a friendly relation and better link with the Three Brotherhood Alliance. The operation launched by the Three Brotherhood Alliance is the most successful operation in Myanmar today. They could take control of many territories and are making crackdowns on gambling and money scams on the border. In addition, they are fighting against the oppression of the military council and trying to root out the military dictatorship. There is coordination between the armed forces for military operations. But this is not politically motivated by Chinese influence, as some people fear. We are only working on it because it is necessary for our country. The current armed revolution in the country is fighting for the reform of our country. We aim to create self-determination and establish a federal democratic country, which all of our ethnic groups are longing for. We are fighting for independence and justice for every region. We will be able to build a more independent community without tyranny if we can regain control of our region. Each of our states and ethnic groups must build for the development of their own regions. That is why we have established links with the Three Brotherhood Alliance and are doing military cooperation. We are also working with other PDFs. It is always connected like a network with nationwide operations. In this way, our connections will be expanded and we will continue to work together to strengthen the entire operation.


Q: It is reported that a fighter jet was shot down yesterday. May I know the latest situation about it. How is the situation of the two pilots?

A: We know that the plane is of the KH type. The military council mostly uses training aircrafts as attack aircrafts. There were two pilots on this plane. We were supposed to be able to shoot the plane down when they dropped the bomb. The plane crashed somewhere in Phruso Township and we are still searching for the two missing pilots.


Q: If you have anything else to say about the ongoing operation, please let me know.

A: Our operation period will be extended. Our operation will become more intense. To sum up, the current revolution, our forces and the people will win. Now, if the soldiers of the military council do not defect to the public, they will be crushed. There will be loss of life. It will end in bloodshed. They will automatically get into trouble while fighting for a group of military dictators. Therefore, all military council troops need to defect to the public. This is not a loss of dignity due to the defection to the people. If we all love the truth and want to reform the country, we need to stand with the people. We all always welcome and open a door to them.

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