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AA in Rakhine State still not included in ceasefire agreement: Dr Nyo Twan Aung

Narinjara News (Interview), 6  March 2024


During a press conference on Monday, Dr Nyo Twan Aung, vice commander-in-chief of the Arakan Army (AA) dismissed the claim of a ceasefire discussion between the AA and Myanmar military junta. The interaction with reporters by Dr Aung was provided in a Burmese-language video file for  an easier understanding.


Reporters: Could you, as AA vice commander-in-chief, confirm the accuracy of the information circulating online?

 Dr Aung: Some of the information is accurate, while some is incorrect. It's a mix of truths, inaccuracies, and personal desires. In some cases, as the originators of news, we're unsure of the motives behind the dissemination or where the information originates. What we can assert confidently is what we've just stated. When contrasting it with the information circulating online, we consistently revisit the terms of the Haigeng Agreement in every discussion. Following this, we actively work towards strengthening the ceasefire. This includes addressing issues along the China-Myanmar border and combating online scams. Plans for border region exits are also being considered, though specifics like percentages have yet to be discussed. As for the remaining details, journalists and others should take some time to assess the differences and gaps between my statements and the information circulating online. As for myself, I refrain from commenting on the meeting's decisions or the information presented during the discussion. However, I believe certain issues should be discussed, which is why I am expressing this. I kindly request your understanding in this matter.


Reporters: Has the AA reached any agreement during the discussion? Will there be a ceasefire with the AA?

 Dr Aung: Primarily, our discussions focused on the situation in northern Shan State. In northern Shan State, there has been a ceasefire to some extent since 11 January. Therefore, at this moment, we can only equate the Haigeng Agreement with northern Shan State. We can say that the ceasefire agreement applies solely to northern Shan State. As of now, there is no ceasefire agreement with the AA.


Reporters: Can you tell us if the AA's offensive will continue in Rakhine?

Dr Aung: As you can see currently.


Reporters: Did the AA reach one or two agreements during the discussion? Or was there no agreement at all?

Dr Aung: Now we are discussing the Haigeng Agreement. The Haigeng Agreement solely applies to the AA in northern Shan State. The AA in Rakhine State has not been included in the ceasefire agreement.


Reporters: We've heard  that in Rakhine State, the military has agreed to the AA's demand for the soldiers to withdraw from all the townships captured by the AA and cease all military operations. Is this correct?

Dr Aung: I don't have that topic on my mind right now.


Reporters: Can you share details about the agreement between the military junta and the AA? It's a topic of great interest. When can we expect to hear more about it?

Dr Aung: For now, I will maintain discussions with the Three Brotherhood Alliance. The questions raised today and the topics we need to address will be discussed and answered over the course of time. That's all for now.


Reporters: Happy Birthday!

Dr Aung: Thank you.

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