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We simply expect equal rights: Daw Imbiya Kha Tu from Kyauktaw

 We simply expect equal rights: Daw Imbiya Kha Tu from Kyauktaw


Are the Muslims, who live in the townships of Kyauktaw, Mrauk-U, Minbya and Pauktaw, currently under the administration of the Arakan Army (AA), still facing the same restrictions and prohibitions as they experienced under the previous Myanmar governments. Or is there any change for the better ? To understand it, Narinjara News reporters conducted a face-to-face dialogue with Daw Imbiya Kha Tu (also known as Daw Ma Saw Myaing, aged over 50), a resident of Kyauktaw township.


Question: How are the current living conditions for Muslim people in areas under the control of  AA?

Answer: Our livelihood is now somewhat comfortable. Previously, it was difficult, but now it's better. Earlier, travelling was also very difficult. We couldn't enter Kyauktaw town due to the conflict in 2012. Permissions to travel were  restricted. However, under the AA's administration, travel has become more convenient.


Q: How does living under the AA now compare with the earlier time under the  military junta?

 A: There are noticeable differences. Currently, everything is fine. However, we cannot predict what the future holds. Thus far, Muslims have the freedom to move around as they wish and live according to their preferences.


Q: How is the current scenario in the healthcare sector?

 A: In the past, if you needed medical treatment, you had to report it in advance. For instance, if you were sick and needed to go for treatment, you needed permission. If you had to travel to Sittwe, Kyauktaw hospitals it was necessary to incur extra cost. We had to cover medical expenses and also pay for a recommendation letter. Now, things have changed. Medical treatment is available in Kyauktaw. Clinics established by the AA offer us access to healthcare, and we can visit freely. They allow treatment, although most people need a medical certificate to enter. However, there aren't enough doctors and sufficient volume of medicines. Often critically ill patients die before they could receive treatment.


Q: Is there any additional information you would like to share?

 A: I have one more thing to say. Under the rule of the AA, the Muslims must live according to their directives. Currently, the situation is stable. However, if they mistreat us as they did in the past, it will not be acceptable. We seek equal rights and opportunities alongside them, particularly in employment. Our students also need to cooperate with them. That's what I want to emphasize. I simply desire equality. We endured hardships in the past, and I hope we do not face such difficulties once again.  (END)

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