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AA leader urges Arakanese people not to buy military company products including houses in Shwe Yati beach project

Narinjara News, 21 May 2022
Major Aye Tun (aka Tun Min Naing), a senior Arakan Army (AA) leader, warned through his social media posts to boycott military council products and not to buy homes from the Shwe Yati beach project in Gwa township of Rakhine State. He posted it on 17 May in his Facebook
The houses for sale in the Shwe Yati beach project were confiscated during the tenure of the SLORC, SPDC and later semi-democratic regimes looted the land. They also tried to sell the land area as they were about to withdraw from Rakhine due to the socio-political
The AA leader, who is also brother of  AA commander-in-chief General Tun Myat Naing, asserted that the ULA / AA has a responsibility to investigate the matter and return the land area to the Arakanese people who are the real owners.
Mentionable is that Shwe Yati beach new town project  with zone A alone covers 14 acres and zone C does over 30 acres of land.
The new city project is projected to include a hotel, swimming pool, gymnasium, library, restaurant as well as  other recreational facilities. The plots will be sold ranging from kyat 260 to 1,600 lakh.

"Do not forget that the land belonged to the Rakhine people and the land was illegally confiscated by the military authority,” said his post adding that  large tracts of the land along the Rakhine coast were bought by the authority and these lands are being sold in bulk.
“Burmese people should be politically enlightened. Now that the ULA / AA remains in power in Rakhine State, the cronies are selling their plots of land for fear of losing their influences. Burmese people should not buy those. We do not want you to lose your money,” said the
Major Aye Tun urged the Rakhine people not to use any product made by the military-owned company. He argued that the military council was disrupting the flow of essential items to Rakhine State and finally causing the Rakhine people to starve.
“The Rakhine people have a responsibility not to use Military company products. We have the responsibility to retaliate against the military authority which has been plotting conspiracies against our people. So do not use Mytel, military products including alcohol, beer, etc,” said the leader in social media space.



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