Friday, September 29th 2023

170 Myanmar nationals deported from China, some 120 were from Rakhine State

Narinjara News, 21 May 2022

A total of 170 Myanmar nationals were deported by the Chinese authorities on 19 May, among them 120 hailing  from Rakhine State, said a report released by the RFA.

They were at Huoyang prison in Guangdong province of  China before deportation to Myanmar (Burma). They all were deported through the gates of  Muse palace. Out of  170 deportees, 54 are  women.

More than 100 Burmese nationals are still at Huoyang prison. They were arrested while working in China, added the RFA report.

More than 6,000 Burmese are still behind bars across China, said the RFA quoting aid workers in the Muse border.


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