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Muslim University students, Rakhine civil society group participated in Eid festival

Narinjara News, 13  July 2022

Eid-ul-Fitr (Kurbani Eid) was recently celebrated by the Muslim University students and Rakhine civil society group together in Sittwe, the capital city of Arakan (Rakhine) State.
The first ever event was organised at 3 pm on 11 July at  SS restaurant in Sittwe by a group of Muslim students and delegates from Rakhine youth and students organizations and members of Rakhine tribe, NGO representatives were present on the occasion.
The occasion was significant as it was for the first time the religiuos festival was joined by both Muslim and Buddhist nationals.

The brotherly relationship was parsewirthy and it would help Rakhine State in future, said  Ko Zaw Min Tun, a Muslim student who was involved in the program.

“I am  very happy for the understanding and mutual respects shown by the Rakhine people,” he added.
Zaw Min Tun also asserted that the Eid festival will  help in achieving harmony among the communities in the State.

The  sectarian clashes during 2012 in Rakhine State completely disrupted the communication between the Muslim and Rakhine people and finally they emerged as enemies.
Their relationship  improved since the Arakan Army (AA) took control over much of Rakhine areas and tried to rebuild it between Muslims and Rakhine people.
Ko Lwin Myint, vice-chairman of Computer University (Sittwe) students' union, said that the representatives from various organizations, who attended the Eid festival, welcomed the initiative.
In his message, he called upon the people to get united as the bloodshed would solve no problem in Rakhine State.
"I hope we can go ahead with a positive approach. It’s good to see the positive development,” he added.
Manawkia, a female Muslim student who also attended the event, commented, “It's nice to see the development. I expect more such events in Rakhine State.
Student unions representing various universities in Sittwe, All Arakan Youth Association, Basic Students Union, Women Generation,  Pichaung Institute,  Kaman with other tribal outfits attended the function. All the attendees were treated with  traditional Muslim snacks.

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