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Woman killed in Paletwa landmine blast while looking for missing husband

Narinjara News, 26 August 2022
A teacher’s wife was killed on Wednesday in a landmine blast while looking for her missing husband near Aboung Thar village in Paletwa township of Chin State.

The victim has been identified as  Daw Nan Longkham (43 years old), who sustained serious injuries to her legs.

Her headmaster husband U Maung Khaing had gone on 21 August and she went to search for him.

“We asked her not to go out as the fighting is going on. But she did not listen to us. When she was looking for her husband, accidentally put legs on a mine and it exploded,” said a villager.

She died on the spot and her last rituals were done in the village cemetery.

Myanmar soldiers and Arakan Army members are fighting in the locality from time to time. The LIB 289 battalion based in Paletwa even used heavy weapons.

The villagers have sent their two sons and a minor daughter to a relative’s house in Paletwa.

Locals informed that the area  where the lady faced the landmine blast is close to a Burmese military camp and many landmines have been planted there by the junta forces.

(Photo by DW)

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