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AA operated bomb attack kills many soldiers in central Rakhine State

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  • | Date: 08 September 2022
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Narinjara News, 7 September 2022

A number of Burmese soldiers were killed in a bomb attack by Arakan Army (AA) members in a small town of Rakhine State on Wednesday, said local villagers.

The attack took place on 11 am and the local residents could hear the sound of heavy explosions.

The attack in the central part of Rakhine State is said to be carried out by the AA detonating six bombs at Natala government office located near the gas station at the entrance of Kantha ward in Maebon town.

“We saw two bodies being taken out by the soldiers to the street and piled up the bodies. We heard that 10 soldiers were killed and several others injured in the attack,” said an eye witness.

After the bomb explosion, the junta soldiers fired many gunshots including a few motor shells with no specific direction. The situation in the locality has suddenly turned tense.

It was the first attack in Maebon town area by AA members, even though the junta forces have been fighting against the AA in various townships of Maungdaw, Rathedaung, Mrauk U in Rakhine and Paletwa in Chin State.

After the attack, many soldiers were placed on the street as the Maebon market and the schools went closed . Only a few pedestrians were seen on the streets.

Various political analysts apprehend that the Rakhine war would expand to new areas and become more intense if the peace process is not nurtured where the local people will suffer more.

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