Friday, May 24th 2024

Junta forces enter north Maungdaw village, set two houses on fire

Narinjara News, 13 October 2022

It has been reported that two houses in  Pha Wat Chaung Rakhine village of northern Maungdaw township were set on fire by the military council troops.

A eyewitness informs that soon after the junta soldiers entered the village the residents were asked to to the monastery by 5 pm on Thursday.

“A few minutes later, we saw the smoke coming out of the village,” added the eyewitness.

The scared villagers arrived at the monastery as it was not far from their village. The smoke was seen for some time in the evening sky.

Another resident claimed that two houses were burnt down by the soldiers which were located outside of the village.

"We have no information if the soldiers looted any house or not. Presently none dares to go there,” he added.

There is no concrete information if the soldiers have left the village. Many suspect they may be still inside the village. Many residents could hear the sound of an explosion from the village

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