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ULA/AA Reaches Informal Ceasefire With Regime

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  • | Date: 30 November 2022
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Narinjara News , November 30 , 2022

The recent informal ceasefire brokered between the United League of Arakan/Arakan Army (ULA/AA) and the military was again mediated through the connections of the Japanese Nippon Foundation.

“Mr Sasakawa, the chairman of the Nippon Foundation, brokered the agreement,” said ULA/AA spokesperson U Khaing Thu Kha at the armed group's sixth press conference on November 28.

Sasakawa also played an important role in securing the previous ceasefire agreements between ULA/AA and military in 2020 and 2021.

The ULA/AA dismissed rumours that they had given in to a ceasefire this time, under pressure from China.

“These allegations are complete nonsense. We only worked out the truce for the benefit of(Rakhine) people, to bring them some relief from the current crisis. We have done it with the welfare of the people in mind,” Khaing Thu Kha says.

Observers of the conflict that has affected northern Rakhine and southern Chin states for years, have pointed out that fighting could flare up again at any time, as neither side has been explicit about how long the ceasefire will last.

“We cannot say anything specific about it in advance because the agreement is not a signed document, it is informal. If one side does something aggressive, fighting can resume at any time. Whether that happens or not depends on what happens in the future,” said Khaing Thu Kha.

Since last August, when fighting resumed, the military has carried out many attacks targeting innocent civilians in Rakhine State.

According to Khaing Thu Kha, 26 people died and 111 were injured between 20 September and 27 November. From October until now, the regime has arrested 324 people and released only 85. Meanwhile, junta forces continue to arrest more civilians without cause.


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