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Popular fighter Aung La N Sang prays for peace in Myanmar

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Narinjara News, 16 January 2023

Aung La N Sang, nicknamed the Burmese Python, defeated his Brazilian opponent named Gilberto Galvao with a first round TKO just after 1 minute and 29 seconds in One Championship's fight night 6 card mixed martial arts tournament in Bangkok on 14 January. Soon after the victory, Aung La N Sang prayed for peace in Myanmar.

In his speech to the fans after the win, he admitted that it may be hard for Myanmar to emerge victorious, but he prayed for the people. Not just Myanmar, but the whole world needs peace of mind, he added.

The Burmese citizens based in Thailand attended the match, held in the main hall of Impact Arena and cheered for Aung La N Sang. He defeated the opponent with a series of left & right punches in the first round itself.

The former middleweight and light heavyweight champion of One Championship faced defeats in the last two years. But in a match held in Singapore on 19 November last year, Aung La N Sang defeated Japanese Yushin Okami in the first round with a powerful knee strike to return back on the winning track.

The last victory was his second win in three months. Kachin warrior Aung La N Sang and Tial Cung Thang (a Chin ethnic fighter) showcased their strengths and succeeded in MMA competitions.

On the other hand, Kayan female fighter Veronica representing Myanmar achieved success in Thai fight (Muay Thai) matches.


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