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2 children killed in accidental grenade explosion at Ponna Kyunt grocery shop

Narinjara News, 5 February 2023

A drunken man suddenly pulled the detonator of a grenade at a grocery shop in Kon Dan Kying Chaung village under Ponna Kyunt township on Friday and the explosion killed two children and injured four other individuals.

The victims have been identified as Maung Ne Lin Htay (12 years old) and Maung Tin Maung Soe (12). Both were 7th grade students.

Two other 7th grade students namely Maung Min Thant Kyaw and Maung Myo Lin Naing also sustained injuries. Similarly, the grocery shop owner U Aye Tun Hla (52) and Amung Che (31), who created the troubles, were also injured.

"The incident took place at around 9 pm on 3 February last. The fully drunk Amung Che brought a grenade from an unknown place into the shop and suddenly pulled the trigger. Many people were in the shop at that time. Two school children died on the way to the hospital and two
other students sustained injuries,” said an eye witness.

Another person who assisted the injured children to shift to the Ponna Kyunt public hospital informed that one of the injured children is still in a critical condition.

As Maung Min Thant Kyaw received no serious injury, he was allowed to go back home from the hospital. Aye Tun Hla and Amung Che are also recovering in the hospital.

Bodies of the dead children were brought back to the village for cremation in the community graveyard. Maung Ne Lin Htay, who died in the accidental blast, wanted to become a monk in future.

"It's really sad news. How do you think that such a tragedy will happen to Maung Ne Lin Htay!” he added.

One can observe that many dangerous items like grenades, bombs, motor bullets, etc are found in various places of Rakhine State, particularly where the junta soldiers and Arakan Army members fought gun battles.

Frequent deaths due to the careless use of those items are reported from those places. The AA is advised to seize all those items and also take actions against those who kept many of remnants in their houses.

On 2 February, Maung Kyaw Soe (13, a 5th grade student from Kha Moite village in northern Maungdaw) was killed by a remnant bomb explosion while he was trapping  birds in the mountain jungles near his village.

Earlier on 17 January, a young man from Nadin village under Mrauk U township faced a landmine explosion as he was cutting woods in the jungle and his right leg was to be amputated.

On 26 January, four teenage boys from from Po Khao Chong (Muslim) village under Buthidaung township were cutting firewood and suddenly a landmine exploded. One boy was killed in the explosion and the others were seriously injured.

Despite a cease-fire is going on in Rakhine State, continued casualties and injury to individuals because of landmine & military remnants explosions are frequently reported.


The locals want the concerned armed organizations to clear up the landmines and military weapon remnants so that the loss of lives can be prevented. They also advocate for a better  public awareness over the matter.

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