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Junta organizing intelligence training for Thandwe residents

Narinjara News, 16 March 2023

The junta authority have been organizing camps for intelligence training to men and women over 18 years in Thadwe township of southern Rakhine State.

The training is scheduled to be at secondary level of basic education and the young people have been recruited by the Ngapali-based  junta battalion number 55.

A person close to the military authority informs that the participants are promised to pay salaries after the completion of training.

"The salary support is promised after the training is over. Individuals have been recruited from the 8th grade and above," he added.

Due to the economic and political situation, most of the Rakhine youths are struggling to make two meals a day.

A Thandwe resident alleges that if one listens to the army's promises without analysing those, he/she would face problems.

"If the young people engage themselves with the training camps, they may face difficulties in future,” he added.

Rakhine government minister for security and border affairs colonel Kyaw Thu Ra was contacted by telephone for details, but it turnned futile. Narinjara News can not confirm the matter independently.

The junta forces maintain a ceasefire with the Arakan Army. However, the authorities continue a special probe into the food supply routes to ULA/AA dominated localities.

U Pe Than, a veteran Rakhine politician, asserted that a permanent peace would not be achieved if the junta forces continue working differently on the ground.

“The military council should avoid wrong activities, if a sustainable ceasefire is expected to yield results in Rakhine State. Otherwise the ceasefire will be broken. I believe that the military council should build trust with the AA during the ceasefire period,” he added.

A large number of residents in Rakhine State allege that they have been continuously asked to avoid supporting the AA and the military officers advised them to approach only government agencies or judicial personalities in need.

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