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13 military council soldiers killed in clashes with CDF (Matupi), 7 other injured

Narinjara News, 27 March 2023

Chinland Defense Forces (Matupi) on 26 March claimed that in a battle that took place between mileposts 14 and 15 on Matupi-Paletwa road in Matupi township of Chin State, 13 military council soldiers were killed.

The outfit also released video footage & photos to inform that seven others were also wounded in the incident.

On 24 March, a convoy with three trucks carrying around 80 soldiers was targeted by CDF (Matupi) with violent attacks. The convoy was planned to supply additional manpower and resources to the military council's Hte Bway camp.

At least seven soldiers were killed in the initial mine attack. In three other such attacks six more military personnel were assassinated.

CDF (Matupi) asserted that their members successfully retreated from the location without any harm to anybody.
Chin National Army (CNA) rebels also joined the gunfight along with CDF (Matupi) and helped ambush the military council troops.
The military council has planted mines near the Wa Pone intersection at milepost 16 on Matupi-Paletwa road. 

Demining efforts are still going on and CDF (Matupi) also issued guidelines advising common people to keep waiting until the mine clearance operation is over for further movement in the affected areas.

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