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Military Council Dissolves 40 Political Parties including NLD

Narinjara News, 29 March , 2023

The Union Election Commission (UEC) announced that over 60 political parties have submitted applications to register their parties for the upcoming election under the Military Council.

However the UEC has disbanded 40 parties, including the National League for Democracy (NLD), for failing to submit their applications within the specified time-frame.

On March 28, the UEC announced that 50 political parties had applied for re-registration of their old parties under Section 25 of the Political Parties Registration Law within the 60-day period specified by the law.

Additionally, 13 parties had applied to establish new parties under Section 3.

The Military Council appointed UEC has dissolved 40 political parties, including the National League for Democracy (NLD), for failing to apply for registration within the specified time-frame.

According to reports, five political parties from Rakhine state have submitted applications for registration to the Union Election Commission (UEC) under the Military Council. On the other hand three parties have not re-registered.

The political parties from Rakhine state that have applied for registration with the Military Council’sUnion Election Commission (UEC) are the Arakan Front Party (AFP) led by Dr. Aye Maung, the Arakan National Party (ANP) led by U Tha Tun Hla, the Kha Mee National Development Party, the Rakhine State National United Party (RSNUP), and the Mro National Development Party.

The Arakan League for Democracy (ALD), the Kaman National Progressive Party (KNPP), and theDaingnet National Development Party (DNDP) have decided not to register with the Military Councils Union Election Commission (UEC).

Following the release of the new Political Parties Registration Law and the Political Parties Registration Rules by the Union Election Commission (UEC) on January 26, the commission invited political parties to apply for party registration under the updated legislation.

The Military Councils statement also specified that political parties failing to register with the UEC within 60 days of January 31 will be automatically dissolved.

Photo: The ALD was also dissolved by UEC  

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