Saturday, December 9th 2023

5 Sittwe residents arrested by junta forces in night hours

Narinjara News, 6 April 2023

At least five men in Sittwe, the capital city of Rakhine State, were arrested by the junta forces from their residences, said the locals.


They hail from Set Yon Su (factory) and Baung Duat wards.

More than 50 fully armed junta soldiers and police personnel entered into the wards in three cars at around 11:30 pm on 5 April.

A Set Yon Su ward resident informed that the armed personnel arrived at the police outpost during night hours, and they picked up three residents.

"The junta soldiers and police personnel stormed into a particular house and arrested them," he added.

Later, they arrested two other residents from Baung Duat ward.

The arrestees are yet to be identified and the reason behind the action is not clear till now. Narinjara News is still looking for the reasons if they were somehow linked to the Arakan Army.

The informal ceasefire between the military council and the AA was mutually agreed five months back. However, the local residents from various parts of Rakhine State continue facing raids and arrests by the military council.


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