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Maungdaw minor boy dies of remnant bomb explosion

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Narinjara News, 5 May 2023

A 4-year-old Mro ethnic boy died on the spot when an old remnant bomb exploded in Wet Kyein village under Maungdaw township of northern Rakhine State, which is close to the Bangladesh border.

The incident took place on 3 May and the victim has been identified as Maung Pai Way.

The son of U Maung Po from Wet Kyein village was playing near the forest area at about 4 pm on Wednesday where he found an old remnant bomb. He took it to home but on the way to his residence it exploded where the boy died on the spot.

"It happened when he was climbing the stairs to his house. Both his father and mother were not available at home. Three brothers, who were there at that moment, however survived,” said a local resident.

The minor boy was buried at the village cemetery next morning.

Locals suspect that old remnant bombs were left over from the battle ground between the Burmese forces and Arakan Army members that took place in 2022. The battle ground emerged in the mountains between Wet Kyein and Yan Aung Pyin villages.

A village head revealed that both the armed groups fought for about half an hour on 10 November last year.

“We always advise children of our village not to go near the places to avoid untoward incidents,” he added.

It is reported that two houses in Yan Aung Pyin village were destroyed by the fire during the battle.

The local residents stated that those remains of military weapons in the vicinity of villages are threatening the loves and those should be cleared by the concerned authorities as soon as possible.

After a temporary ceasefire between the two groups the situation in Rakhine State turns peaceful now. But regular explosions of landmine remain a matter of concern for the local people. They are worried to go for collecting firewood in the forests.

No less than seven people died and 14 other injured (including five teenagers) recently in landmine explosions.

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