Monday, April 22nd 2024

India donates 25 tons of food with medicines to cyclone affected Myanmar

India has donated about 25 tons of goods including food items and medicines to the cyclone Mocha affected Myanmar.

Three Indian Navy warships have arrived at Thilawa port of Yangon in the afternoon hours of 18 May. Responsible military council officials have received the donated goods.

"The donated items including food and medicine should weigh about 25 tons. The donated items were accepted accordingly at Thilawa," said a representative from the Yangon regional government office.

The donated items include ready-to-eat noodles, nutritious biscuits, fish tents,  tarpaulins, blankets, flashlights, solar lamps, patient trolleys, portable generators, water pumps, wood cutting saws, cleaning materials and medicines.

"The government revealed that it has received donations from international organizations. We are waiting for relief. Everyone is suffering in affected areas. The initiative should be taken urgently,” said a resident of Sittwe, the capital of Rakhine State.

The donated items from India have been transported to Mingalardom air force base from Thilawa port and then those will be sent to Sittwe by military planes.

Various local charity groups and international organizations have also been working to support the cyclone affected people of western Myanmar region.

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