Tuesday, May 21st 2024

WFP provides cash assistance to two IDP camps in Mrauk U

The World Food Programme (WFP) provided cash assistance to two IDP camps in MraukU Township of Arakan State, for April and May. Two IDP camps are Letkaukzay and Myo U Gaung IDP camps.


The WFP provided the cash assistance of MMK-50,000 and two soap cakes per head and nutritional powder for the children under five.


On 17 May, the WFP provided assistance at the camp. Last month, 128 households from Letkaukzay IDP camp received assistance. Now only 116 households received assistance. I would like to call on the WFP to provide assistance for all families from the humanitarian point of view when the people face difficulty caused by the cyclone, ” U Kyaw Min, an in-charge of Letkaukzay IDP camp told the Narinjara.


A total of 639 people from 159 households from six villages are taking shelter in Letkaukzay IDP camp. They are from Okkphokan, Pauktawpyin, Waitharli, Ywahaungtaw and Thayetouk villages from MraukU Township and Panmyaung village in Minbya Township, said U Kyaw Min.


The IDPs who stay outside the camp do not get any assistance. They are in big trouble.

On 16 May, the WFP provided cash assistance for a two-month ration at MyoU Gaung IDP camp. However, only 104 of 190 households received the WFP’s assistance, U Maung Maung Thein, an in-charge of MyoU Gaung IDP camp told the Narinjara.


Those who did not get assistance feel sorry. They no longer want to stay in the camp. It is impossible for them to earn their living in their villages although they want to return to their villages. They are not safe to return to their villages, U Maung Maung Thein said.


Currently, 796 populations are taking shelter at MyoU Gaung IDP camp. It has around 190 households. Of them, around 30 households have no houses.


The cyclone Mocha destroyed over 100 houses at Letkaukzay and MyoUGaung IDP camps in Arakan State on the afternoon of 14 May.


Currently, the damaged wards are in urgent need of repairing, the IDPs said.


On 14 May, the cyclone Mocha devastated many houses, pagodas, monasteries, hospitals, clinics, schools and markets in Arakan State.


The military council on 15 May declared all 17 townships in Arakan State as a natural disaster-affected area.

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