Tuesday, May 21st 2024

PDF destroys military produced alcohol & beer worth Kyats 40 million

A large volume of Dagon brand alcohol along with beer cans & bottles,promoted by the Myanmar military council, was destroyed by the local public defense forces with the help of a heavy vehicle, said a report from Khin Oo township's truth reporting team.

“The bottles of Dagon beer, produced by U Pai, were found in some areas. We too want to discourage people from using those military products,” said a local police officer.

Over 11,040 cans of beer and 780 bottles of alcohol were intercepted as those were transported by three cars. Crushed and destroyed on 20 May last, the total value of these alcoholic drinks should be over Kyats 40 million.

PDF leadership of Khin Oo township had already warned the local people not to use the military government's products. The public defense forces seized those items and later those were destroyed.

Pro-democracy activities across Myanmar continue organizing protest demonstrations since the military coup. They asserted that the military council earns revenues from those products and then they buy arms & ammunition only to slaughter the common people.

Caption: Photograph of a car smashing an alcoholic beverage (courtesy Khin Oo Township News Team)

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