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Cyclone Mocha: 19 people of Nyaung Pinggyi Muslim village die

During cyclone Mocha, no less than 19 villagers including 13 children,were perished at Nyaung Pinggyi Muslim village under Rathedaung township, which is 20 miles north of the capital city of Sittwe.

Due to the disruption of phone lines and the internet, the affected people could connect Narinjara News a week after the storm was over.

According a local resident named Ko Aung Naing Soe, the affected villagers are currently taking shelter in a house at the village hamlet.

"Around twenty people gathered in every house of the village as the storm continued raging. It was intense and the water level was also rising. Terrified residents rushed to Kyatro Site village. Some of the residents even drowned as they tried to flee,” he added.

13 children (under 15 years of ages), an 18-year-old individual and five adults (aged from 30 to 65 years) died due to the cyclonic storm.


"There are 11 women among the dead,” he claimed.

The victims have been identified as Maung La Lu (6 years old), Maung Arnos (3), Maung Chaufi Alam (6 ), Maung Aaynos (4), Maung Habes Amat (5 ), Maung Bordo (8 ), Maung Nur Hachaim (5), Maung Chakair (9),  Ma Tos Mein (15), Maya Min (less than 2), Mamana (2), Maajida (15 )  and Mahusena (18).

The adult victims are Daw Korima (30),  Daw Ayecha (37),  Daw Fatema (44), Daw Tahera (46) and Daw Bulkiza (65).

The storm devastated Nyang Ping Gyi village which supported 2,097 people (412 houses).

Ko Aung Soe Naing revealed that many families could avoid the damage, as they were shifted in advance by the members  of  Arakan Army.

"The AA supported the villagers who were in danger of being swept away by the cyclonic storm. As a result, a good number of families could survive. Otherwise, the number of victims would have been more,” he added.

He stated that the affected villagers are  currently in need of drinking water, food and medicines.

"We are looking for clean drinking water and food for the  villagers. Most of the Rakhine villages were severely damaged by the storm. They are surviving with great difficulties. The government and non-governmental organizations should come forward supporting the families,” he opined, adding that the villagers also need temporary shelters till any permanent arrangements are made.

Mocha slammed Rathedaung township on 14 May damaging numerous houses and also killing many people. At least thirteen villagers, who were taking  shelter in Dom Pike village monastery, located in the south-western part of Rathedaung, were killed when the hall collapsed on them.

According to a statement issued by Myanmar's military administration on 18 May, the death toll because of the cyclone that swept over Sittwe and  northern areas of Rakhine State rose to 145, majority of whom are reported as Muslims living in the refugee camp.

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