Monday, June 17th 2024

Well-known writer Wai Hin Aung and his colleagues released a day after arrest

At least five individuals including prominent social worker and writer Wai Hin Aung, who were arrested by the military council forces during a relief distribution program, were released on Wednesday.

Wai Hin Aung along with his daughter and colleagues were permitted to go home in the morning hours , said a person close to the writer’s family.

"They were suspected of carrying illegal items in Bol Sein charity car and detained for a full day. But there was no solid reason for their detention. The military rulers may want threaten the social activists who go to deliver relief to the cyclone Mocha affected families,” he added.

Wai Hin Aung along with his colleagues were going to distribute relief items to the affected people by the cyclonic storm on Tuesday, but the junta soldiers detained them from Kyung Kyunt village under Sittwe township.

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