Thursday, February 29th 2024

Cyclone Mocha: Electricity supply restored in Sittwe for at least 3 hours a day

Many streets of Sittwe, the capital of Rakhine State, were dark at night as there was no electricity for 10 days after the cyclone Mocha hit the western Myanmar region on 14 May.

Now the electricity supply has been restored and made available for three hours in the evening.

Produced by a big diesel generator, the electricity is supplied from 7 to 10 pm only.

Mayu street, along the main route to Beluma bridge and other roads were illuminated yesterday after ten days.

State electricity office has started five free charging stations (for cellphones and emergency lights) and also supplied electricity to streetlights inside the city.

The benefited places include Mingang bus terminal,  Beluma bridge, generator building, national museum, Rakhine government buildings and campuses.

Many lamp posts were also damaged by the cyclonic storm. The national electricity grid has also been restored, but still many Rakhine townships are deprived of power after the disaster.

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