Friday, September 29th 2023

Villagers flee as soldiers enters Siningyi village in Ponnagyun Township

Locals fled the village as they feared fully-equipped soldiers entered the village in Ponnagyun Township in Arakan State, villagers told the Narinjara.

At around 2 pm on 26 May, more than 10 fully-equipped soldiers entered the village along with a service team who came to the village to repair the MPT tower damaged by the cyclone.

“The village has an MPT tower. Staff from the MPT came to the village to repair the tower destroyed by the cyclone and were accompanied by soldiers. I think the soldiers take security measures,” a local from Siningyi told the Narinjara.

On 10 November, 2022, the military council soldiers entered Siningyi village and killed nine villagers including the elderly for no apparent reason.

All villagers fled the village when they saw soldiers. Siningyi village is located about a few miles to the south of Ponnagyun Township. Soldiers from Light Infantry Battalion-550 entered the village, burned some houses and killed seven men and two women for no apparent reason, eyewitnesses from the village told the Narinjara.

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