Thursday, February 22nd 2024

19 junta soldiers killed, one scout drone and some bullets seized in five-day battles in Pekon

A total of 19 military council soldiers were killed and one scout drone and some bullets were seized, in the battles between the military council troops and the People’s Defense Force (PDF) in Pekon Township of Kayah State in the last week of May, according to the statement released by Demoso No.1102 Battalion on 1 June.

“According to the lists collected on 20, 22, 30 and 31 May, 19 junta soldiers were reportedly killed in the battles. There may be casualties which are not included in the list. Our comrades were wounded. Of them, one comrade was seriously wounded,” an official of the battalion said.


On 20 May, there was a clash between Khaungei village and Latu village.


The DMO – People’s Defense Force (PDF) 1102 seized one surveillance drone, some bullets and some military equipment, during its area clearance operation on 21 May, the official continued.


On 22 May, fighting took place between Settaw village and Khaungei village for 1.30 hours, wounding two members of the defense force and killing some military council soldiers.


On 30 May, two military council soldiers were killed and one PDF member wounded in the battles in Settaw village, the official said.


Fighting took place in Settaw village on 31 May, killing five military council soldiers and wounding two members of the defense force.


The military council is conducting a series of airstrikes during its offensives in Karenni State.

Locals said the military council is carrying out more targeted attacks on innocent civilians.

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