Saturday, June 22nd 2024

An entire Myanmar battalion including its commander surrenders

An entire base of the military council's 430th infantry battalion at the SAC army’s strategic hill in Mase on the border between Thailand and Karenni State (of Myanmar) surrendered to the ethnic armed forces on 24 June.

It is learnt from the revolutionary groups that the battalion commander Lt Col Zar Nay Aung and his deputy Lt Col Kyaw Thu Soe also joined in the move.


"I can only confirm that it happened. But not the whole group surrendered at a time. They surrendered one group by another.  The soldiers took time to implement their decision,” a military council’s revolutionary news source.


He also added that the battalion commander and his deputy led the team to take refuge in the people's arms.


“The group was quite large. We were happy to get the information about their surrender and later its realization,” said a member of revolutionary forces.


It is not known if any organization made it public, but Ngwe Maung Tham media reported that about 60 soldiers including their commander surrendered to the ethnic armed forces.

Since 13 June, the KA/KNDF revolutionary joint forces launched attacks and even captured many junta camps in Mase region along Thailand-Myanmar border, revealed the Karenni military central information group.


The Karenni forces are expecting to be able to control the entire area and soon they would issue a detailed statement.



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