Friday, September 29th 2023

Junta releases 7749 prisoners, one AA and 21 other armed group members

Myanmar military junta has released 7749 prisoners, who were serving sentences in various prisons of the southeast Asian nation.

Moreover, former State counselor Nobel laureate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and former President U Win Myint were also facilitated with the reduction of jail terms.

Only one member of the Arakan Army (AA) and 21 other ethnic armed group cadres were also released by the military council under an amnesty on Tuesday. The released AA member is Aung Naing Myint (son of  U Chit Maung).

In the amnesty order commemorating the holy day (that falls on the full moon of second Warso) it was said that for the sake of ethnic unity and internal peace, altogether 22 members of ethnic armed groups, who were serving sentences in various prisons under section 401 of the criminal code, were released.

However,  according to sub-sectionone under section 401 of the criminal code, if one commits the crime again, he/she will continue to serve the remaining period of imprisonment along with the new

Under the initiative, two members of MNDAA,  16 from TNLA,  three from SSPP/SSA were also released, stated junta’s secretary general Aung Lin Dwe.

Narinjara News continues its efforts to get relevant details from U Khaing Thukha, spokesperson of United  League of Arakan /Arakan Army (ULA/AA) about the development.

About 100 members of the Arakan Army and civilians ​associated with the group have been sentenced to prison in Rakhine State so far, and only one of them has been released with amnesty by the Military Council.

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