Saturday, June 22nd 2024

Myanmar-Bangladesh border guards patrol on Naff river

Myanmar-Bangladesh border guards carried out maritime patrols on  Naff river on 19 and 22 August with an aim to prevent the human trafficking, drugs trade and enhance border securities for both the countries.

Rakhine State military council on 23 August stated that the patrolling was carried out by officers from the border guards of Myanmar and Bangladesh.

Earlier on 18, 20 and 22  July, both the countries  conducted maritime patrols along Naff river.

During the previous exercise, both parties signed an agreement to prevent illegal immigration and drugs. The bilateral patrolling information were also exchanged accordingly.

Needless to mention that the Maungdaw areas were infiltrated by  ARSA armed members through Naff river from Bangladesh. They often abducted people and continued other violent activities.

On 12 August, the  ARSA rebels burned down a car of two Muslim businessmen after abducting them. They are still missing with no contact with their family members.

Moreover, Maungdaw emerges as a primary route for illegal drugs traders across Naff river. With more to it, human trafficking is also  taking place through these localities.

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