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Chin revolutionary members storm into military council camps in Thangtlan

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  • | Date: 01 September 2023
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 Over 30 junta soldiers killed, 13 revolutionary members also died

Chin National Front (CNF) spokesperson Salai Thetni claimed that armed members belonging to the joint revolutionary forces attacked four bases of the junta forces  in Thangtlan of  Chin State, killing more than 30 soldiers  including a major (Kyaw Soe Min).

Speaking to Narinjara News, he also admitted that 13 revolutionary members also died in the conflict.

The joint forces include Chin National Army (CNA),  CDF-Hakha,  CDF-Thantlang, CDF-Zophei, CDF-Zanniatram and CDF-Hualngoram who launched the aggression on 28 August.

He said that they attacked simultaneously starting from 6 am and the battle continued for almost a day.

Salai Thetni also claimed that casualties will increase in the enemy camp as many wounded soldiers were sent to Hakha hospital in serious conditions.

“It was  fierce  battle and  there must be quite a lot of casualties on both sides. The junta army was more affected, even though they shot with jet fighters,'' he added.

The military council troops from Hakha city provided heavy weapons and sent three military vehicles as reinforcements.

Currently, the military tension in Thangtlan town remains high, and the Chin revolutionary joint forces have not been able to capture any base station belonging to the military council army, admitted Salai Thatni.

Earlier, the CNF announced that on 13 August, the  joint revolutionary forces captured a military  camp in Thang Talan and even captured two junta soldiers alive along with arms and ammunition.

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