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Bangladesh-Myanmar sign agreement on six points including maritime security

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  • | Date: 04 September 2023
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Bangladesh and Myanmar junta have signed an agreement on six points including the maritime security along with joint maritime patrols between the two neighbouring countries. The senior naval officers of both the countries sat together on 1 September at Ayawaddy naval base headquarter in Yangon.

They signed the agreement next day, said a Myanmar military council report, issued on Monday.

They elaborately discussed on maritime security issues as well as bilateral joint patrols and mutual visits by the naval warships carrying officer-soldiers of both the Asian nations. They also agreed on issues related to the exchange of information and prevention of sea water pollution.

The Bangladesh team led by commodore Mustaque Ahmed, (G), NPP, Pcs, BN arrived in Yangon by air on 30 August to attend the 6th Myanmar-Bangladesh navy staff talks.

On 18, 20, 22 July, the border guards of both the countries conducted a joint patrol on Nat river in Myanmar-Bangladesh border areas for 3 days. Later on 19 and 22 August, two sides once again conducted a joint patrol.

Despite such bilateral maritime patrols, the human & drugs trafficking, cattle & timber smuggling are reported regularly along the Maungdaw border, alleged locals.

Earlier in 2022, a delegation led by colonel Thein Soe of Myanmar navy attended the international fleet review (IFR) in  Cox's Bazar of Bangladesh with the warship ‘Kyan Sit Thar’ on 6 to 9 December.

Photograph(1): Naval officers of Bangladesh and Myanmar have signed the agreement
Photograph(2): During a maritime patrol between the two neighbouring
countries on Nat river in Myanmar-Bangladesh border areas

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