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Waste material from Chinese spacecraft fell into Rakhine sea again

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  • | Date: 07 September 2023
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Unwanted pieces of debris from a Chinese spacecraft once again fell over the Rakhine sea early this morning.


The provincial military council announced that parts of the China spacecraft wreckage fell in the sea 105 miles south of Man Aung island and 92 miles southwest of Thandwe, a district town of southern Rakhine State, at 12:05 am on 7 September.


The statement added that there is no damage reported due to the falling of parts.


The China government in Beijing as well as the military council did not issue any warning about the disposal of waste materials, said Ko Aung Myint from Man Aung island.


"The government did not issue any information in advance. This is a case of violation. Many fishermen go for routine work in those areas. They need to be careful,” he added.


The Chinese government should have informed it, if at all they maintain minimum respect to the Rakhine people, asserted Aung Myint.


He also questioned if Beijing has designated the Rakhine Sea in Indian ocean as a dumping ground for its spacecraft fragments. One can apprehend that it will be repeated in days to come, he stated.


The radioactive materials of the wastes can pollute the sea water as well as damage the aquatic life and ecosystem.


On 21 August during the midnight hours, waste parts from the Chinese spacecraft landed 104 kilometers south of Man Aung island and 66 kilometers west of Gwa township.


Earlier, similar incidents took place on 26 February, 2 March, 7 and 13 April last year. On 6 and 12 December 2021 too, those fell over the Rakhine Sea.



Caption: Old Waste material from Chinese spacecraft fell into Rakhine sea on 21 August 2023

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