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Muslim elder killed by ARSA in Buthidaung

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  • | Date: 12 September 2023
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ARSA terror group recently abducted and killed one elder of Muslim community Buthidaung township of  Rakhine State.


The victim has been identified as U Marmouk Chu Kur (60 years old), a resident of Mee Chaung Kong Swe village in the northern part of the township. He died on 10 September last.


Local residents informed that the elder was abducted by ARSA rebels from his residence during the night hours on 9 September.


Next morning on Sunday, his dead body was found near Maung Nama mountain, which is not far from his village.


He was an influential person in the village. The ARSA asked money from him. But he did not respond. Angry ARSA rebels are understood to kill him,” he added.


The rebels did not use a gun to kill Marmouk Chu Kur, but a sharp knife. The villagers did not hear the sound of gunshot. He was probably stabbed to death, said villagers, adding that his body was buried in the afternoon.


There are reports that the ARSA group has gone for an understanding with the junta forces and hence they remain active in Buthidaung and Maungdaw townships. The military council is alleged of ignoring their disruptive activities.


The ARSA has support bases in various refugee camps inside Bangladesh. But the Bangla authorities have lately started taking actions against the rebels.


So many of them have moved into Buthidaung and Maungdaw townships.


They are extorting money from Muslim businessmen and also increasing their supporters showing weapons to the common Muslim residents in various localities.

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