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ALP commander Khaing Soe Lwin shot dead in downtown Sittwe

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  • | Date: 15 September 2023
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Major Khaing Soe Lwin, a rank with the battalion commander of Arakan Liberation Party (ALP, led by Saw Mya Razalin, who signed the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement) is reportedly shot dead in Sittwe this afternoon.

The ALP commander, who is more than 40 years old, was shot as well as stabbed with a sharp knife in the downtown Rakhine capital city.


The incident took place just after 12 o'clock in the afternoon on 15 September in front of a betelnut shop near the State communication office in Sittwe.

According to the police and hospital sources, he received bullet injuries on his forehead and also stab wounds in chest and right arm. The commander died on the spot.

Local residents reveal that four unidentified persons coming on two motorcycles shot him from a close range and later stabbed repeatedly. No more information about the killers are still available.

Narinjara News contacted ALP chairperson Daw Saw Mya Raza Lin about the incident, but one woman replied that she was not in a position to talk to anyone.

ALP secretary major Khaing Thurein was also contacted, but he too denied response.

Last 1 June, ALP vice-chairman Khain Ni Raung battalion commander Lt Col Khaing Kyaw Min and his driver Khaing Kyaw Naing from Saw Mrazar Lin group were also shot dead by an armed group. Three other ALP members also sustained injuries.

Similarly, ALP armed group chief general Khaing Soe Mya and two other commanders from the ALP party  led by Saw Mrazarlin were also shot dead by a group of armed men on 4 January  2023. They were returning from the Myanmar Independence Day ceremony and faced the attack.

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