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Rakhine women leader Daw Nyo Aye rushed to hospital with worsening health during court procedure

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  • | Date: 18 September 2023
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Daw Nyo Aye, a Rakhine women's rights activist and chairperson of Arakan Women's Network, was rushed to Sittwe general hospital after her health deteriorated during the  court procedures.

A person close to the lady informed that she was sent to the hospital as her blood pressure went too high.  He added that she was undergoing some medical tests there.

It may be mentioned that Nyo Aye was brought to Sittwe township court on 18 September and later the legal officials allowed her to be shifted to the hospital with deteriorated  health condition.

The lady was not feeling well for some days as she had to face mosquito bites in  Sittwe prison.

Her family is worried about her health as she is not allowed to pursue usual medications in the prison.


They are also not allowed to see her by the junta authorities.

On  15 August, Nyo Aye was arrested by the police personnel from the office of Arakan Women's Network at Migan ward of Sittwe.

Her family members alleged that  she was arrested after attending the 56th Sittwe Rice Killing Day ceremony on 13  August, which was organised by  Sittwe Student’s Union.

She was later charged under section 505(b) by number one police station chief. The section 505(b) may invite two years of imprisonment or a fine (or even both) to her.

Nyo Aye was first produced in the court on 29 August. She appeared in the court once again on 12 September. Today’s one was her third appearance in the court.

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