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Rakhine activist Daw Nyo Aye’s health deteriorates as she was forced to sit for hours in prison

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Health of Daw Nyo Aye, chairwoman of  Arakan Women's Network, was affected as Rakhine activist was forced to sit for 6 hours a day in Sittwe prison. Because of her old age, the health condition soon

"In prison, I was forced to sit for 6 hours on every day. I usually move the daytime, and hence it was not comfortable for me to sit for hours.  I requested them to allow me to walk as I am old now. They
did not allowe me to do so. Health conditions of two female prison  staff are also bad," stated the woman activist.

She spoke to Narinjara News when she was admitted  in Sittwe general hospital.

On 18 September, she faced  high blood pressure syndromes and needed to shift to the hospital from the Sittwe township court.

As she was a patient of hypertension and needed to take the medicine regularly, she requested the prison authority to allow her, but it was not allowed in prison.

"They did not allow me to take the medicine regularly. In fact, no medicines were allowed for me inside the prison. My blood pressure reading is shown as 200 by 100, which is not comfortable for any
person. When I was hospitalized yesterday, I could not realize initially. I could see the people in hazy situation,” she added.

Nyo Aye was arrested by the police from the Arakan Women's Network office on 15 August.

Her family members alleged that  she was arrested after attending the 56th Sittwe Rice Killing Day ceremony on 13  August, which was organised by  Sittwe Student’s Union.

She was later charged under section 505(b) by the number one police station chief. The section 505(b) may invite two years of imprisonment or a fine (or even both) to her.

Nyo Aye was first produced in the court on 29 August. She appeared in the court once again on 12 September. On 18 September, when she appeared in the court for third time, her blood pressure was too high and hence she was rushed to the hospital.

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