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Junta soldiers with weapons join KNU/KNLA

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  • | Date: 20 September 2023
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 The military junta personnel continue joining the Karen National Union/Karen National Liberation Army (KNU/KNLA) with weapons.


The KNU revealed today that two soldiers from the LIB-556 battalion under the 44th military council division based in Walley of Karen State, joined the KNLA with arms and ammunition.


The soldiers who came to join are Ko Ko Naing and Aik Chan. They surrendered to the 6th brigade of the KNLA with their weapons.


The deposited arms and ammunition include one MA-1, four magazines, 239 types of 5.56 bullets and one military equipment. They were offered Baht 50,000 each by the KNU.


They were offended by their authority for the arbitrary and oppressive style of management of the seniors.


Another soldier from the LIB 9th battalion under the 44th army division of the junta joined the KNLA and the revolutionary joint force under the KNU, the political wing of KNLA, in Koka Rate township of Karen State, with a sniper rifle. The surrendered soldier is identified as Saw Thet Naing Tun (33).


He surrendered on 19 September and he was offered Baht 100,000 by the KNLA commander of Cobra column colonel Dabo.


Many other soldiers have also surrendered and joined the revolutionary forces. The KNU welcomes the soldiers on behalf of the people. They are advised to cooperate with the ethnic revolutionary forces until the military dictatorship is finished in Myanmar.

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