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Juna to conduct navy exercise near Mayu lighthouse in Rakhine sea

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  • | Date: 24 September 2023
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The junta authorities will conduct navy exercises today in the sea near Mayu lighthouse, which is southwest of the Rakhine capital city of Sittwe.

The location of the military exercise  is reportedly close to  the waters of neighbouring Bangladesh.

Rakhine State military council has officially announced that a tactical sea exercise will be organised in relation to the military exercises today.

The location has been identified as 15.5 miles southwest of Mayu point, 18 miles northwest of oil station, 15.5 miles southwest of Oyster lighthouse and  27.5 miles away from the Arakan coast.

Mayu lighthouse is located on Mayu river at an elevation of 135 feet above the sea level. It was built in 1885 and initially called as Oyster lighthouse (later renamed as Mayu lighthouse).

Various stake holders  have been informed about the  military exercise.

The junta has been conducting a series of military exercises, heavy weapons firing exercises as well as military reinforcements in Rakhine localities, even though there exists an informal ceasefire by the military council with the Arakan Army (AA).


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