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Junta earns USD 993 million in 8 months from export of Arakan gas to China

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Myanmar military junta has earned USD 993.94 million in eight months starting January this year from the export of natural gas from Rakhine State to Yunnan, revealed the data from China's general administration of customs (GACC).


The GACC statistics also confirm that the amount is increased by over 16 percent compared to the same period last year.


Natural gas from the Rakhine coast is transported through the China-Myanmar gas pipeline that crosses Magway, Mandalay and Shan State.


During the period, among all countries exporting natural gas to China through the pipeline, Myanmar became the third largest exporter.


Nearly 52 billion cubic meters of natural gas were sent to China through the pipeline in 10 years.


The four-nation coal development project of the gas pipeline, where SEAGP company is in charge, was funded by Korea, China, India and Myanmar with USD 1.04 billion.


Myanmar oil and natural gas corporation owns 7.36 percent stake in the pipeline project. As of December 2022, the shareholder's return on investment was 165 percent.


A person working on Rakhine natural resources, alleged that even though the natural gas is produced in Rakhine for exporting to China to earn a huge volume of revenues, the local residents are still living under poverty.


Residents of  four villages in Maday island, where the Shwe Gas project is located, have already lost their lands and currently they are struggling to survive.


Those four villages namely Wra Ma, Kyauktan, Prain and Pathem Dam have a combined population of 3,000 people. The villagers become poorer as they have lost their lands for the Chinese projects. Now they are losing the river fishing plots as well.


Prior to the commissioning of the project, responsible officials from the Myanmar government and China National Petroleum Corporation promised the local residents to provide jobs and electricity. Moreover, they were assured of drinking water supply and concrete roads, but nothing was realized for the benefit of the Rakhine villagers.

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