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AA officer killed, injured others after a junta’s shell fired on KIA Laiza headquarters

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A shell fired by the junta forces exploded inside an Arakan Army (AA) camp in Laiza, the capital of  Kachin Independence Army (KIA) controlled areas in northern Myanmar (close to China), where an AA captain was killed and many others were injured.

An AA officer informed that the Burmese army fired 120 mm cannon from Khaya Taung mountain on Thursday morning and exploded inside the AA camp. The incident resulted in the killing of an AA
officer injuring  some others.

The incident took place at around 10 am on Thursday. The Burmese army personnel based in Khaya Taung mountain fired a 120 millimeter weapon targeting the AA camp.

The AA officer died at around 4 pm during the emergency medical treatment. Several  others were already hospitalized with serious injuries.

An AA high authorized person from the Kachin region also confirmed the incident.

There have been sporadic clashes between the Burmese  forces and KIA members (including the K-PDF)  near  Laiza headquarters and in other localities of the region for a long time.

At about 10 am on 28 September, after a clash between the two armed sides that took place in the vicinity of Laiza, both the armies exchanged fire through  heavy weapons. The  junta's shells even fell
on the AA camp also.

Similarly on 4 July 2022,  two  jet fighters belonging to the Burmese army bombed an AA camp in the territory of  Karen National Union (KNU). It killed six AA members and injured some others.

On 19 November 2014, the artillery shells fired by the junta forces hit a cadet training school in the KIA headquarters. After it exploded  23 cadets died on the spot. There were eight AA members among the victims.

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