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AA arrests more than a dozen of drug dealers and users in Min Bya

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  • | Date: 11 October 2023
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Rakhine Locals said that the Arakn Army (ULA/AA) raided and arrested more than a dozen of  drug dealers and users in Min Bya Township at night of October 8.


At around 2:00 in the morning of the day, AA casually raided Swan Rajy village and arrested a group of 14 drug dealers and drug users.


Residents said that among those arrested were over 40-year-olds and 18-year-olds, including those from nearby villages including Swan Ray Village.


Along with them, more than 600 WY stimulate pills were also caught red-handed.


A resident of Swan Ray said that this is the first time of  AA has arrested drug dealers in the vicinity of the village.


 "Drugs don't do any good for people. They only lead to negative effects. When people get caught like this, they might think about using drugs later on," he said.


People close to ULA/AA said that the Rakhine People's Authority under AA is also investigating those who are related to those arrested and those who sell and distribute drugs.


 Locals said that drugs are easily traded and  drugs can be used easily in Rakhine, and the number of users, most are young people, is increasing year by year but the junta authority is not willing to suppressed to those drug dealers.


Residents pointed out that the problem of drug trafficking needs to be wipe out and enforced by the military council, including ULA/AA, as the morals of young students are deteriorating due to the drugs. (NN-8)

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