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Junta forces raid Sittwe-based DMG office, arrest reporter, night watchman

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  • | Date: 30 October 2023
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The junta forces raided the Sittwe-based Development Media Group (DMG) office on Sunday and arrested a reporter along with a night watchman, said an authorized individual belonged to the media outlet.


The arrested journalist is identified as Ko Htet Aung and night watchman Ko Soe Win Aung.


It is reported that more than 20 security forces arrived at the location on 29 October at noon with three military vehicles. Soon they raided the DMG office and arrested both the persons. They also seized many documents from the office computers and other appliances.


The DMG source claimed that their office was sealed by the security personnel.


Htet Aung was going to take pictures of the full moon religious festival in Sittwe and he was forced to show their office. Then they raided the office.


"Htet Aung was taken to the office after he was taking photographs related to the religious festival of War Kyut. The junta seized office computers, cameras, bank-documents etc. The night watchman was also arrested," he added.


According to a family member, the soldiers also went to Htet Aung’s house in the afternoon and asked many questions about him.


The DMG management asserted that arrest of a journalist and raid of a media office is a violation of media freedom and expression that deprives people’s right to information.


"Freedom of the media and people's right to information have been restricted. DMG is working with a multifaceted voice with authentic inputs & outputs. The situation will impact the entire Myanmar news world,” the management asserted.


Both the detainees have been taken to Sittwe city number one police station. But the junta authorities have not revealed yet why they have arrested two employees and also seized office documents.

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