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Burmese junta to hold 3-day military exercise even as military situation remains tense in Myanmar

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  • | Date: 30 October 2023
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 During a major military offensive titled ‘1027 Operation’, which was conducted by three brotherhood alliances (AA, MNDAA and TNLA) against the junta forces in northern Shan State (close to China border) on 27 October, the Burmese junta announced to hold a military exercise for three days on Andaman sea, 86 miles of Myeik in Tanintharyi division, which is close to Thailand.


The exercise is scheduled to be conducted from 7 to 9 November on the Andaman sea (in Myanmar) with navy, air force and army (land forces) .


During the exercise, the large & small ships, cargo & fishing boats and even motorboats will be prohibited within five miles of the designated area. Moreover, airplanes and helicopters are also asked not to fly below 15,000 feet over the area during the period.


The junta conducts military exercises in the sea with the navy only in recent times, as observers believe that they have no more manpower (soldiers) to exercise with the army (land forces). Many army personnel have been killed in recent times after fighting against various armed forces including EAOs and PDFs, they assumed.


Earlier on 27 October, the army personnel in Ponna Kyung, Maungdaw and Taungup townships of Rakhine State used heavy weapons in test-firing practices and it is understood as a preparation for the war against AA in Rakhine State.


Locals are worried about another round of intense war breaking out in Rakhine State as the junta forces conduct such test-firing with small and heavy arms during military tension across the country

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