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AA leads to capture 3 junta bases including Panglon near China border

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  • | Date: 07 November 2023
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On the 11th day of Operation 1027, the Arakan Army (AA) led a massive attack to capture three Burmese military junta bases including the Panglon military strategic hill point under Kokang region, which is close to the China border.


The 99th army division was stationed at those army bases. They were attacked on 4 November and captured next evening.


During the battle, the military council air forces tried to resist the aggression with jet fighters and helicopters.


Various revolutionary organizations who lost their members in the operation have been documented and subsequently honored.


Similarly, Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) seized Namkham police station.


The military camp near Gohteik in Nawnghkio in Shan State and some other camps near Shwe Nyaung Pin village were also attacked by TNLA members along with Mandalay People's Defense Forces on Sunday.


The Kachin Independence Army (KIA),  AA and PDF had jointly attacked the junta camps in Kaw Lin district town. Later the town was captured by  the rebel groups. Now  the entire Kaw Lin town is under their control.


 Operation 1027 was launched on 27 October by the three-brotherhood alliance. Now other ethnic armed groups and PDFs are fighting against the junta forces in various places.


Till date, more than 120 army bases, including the military council camp and police stations have been attacked and captured by the revolutionary groups, stated by the three-brotherhood alliance.


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