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More people construct bomb shelters across Rakhine

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  • | Date: 10 November 2023
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The people of Rakhine State including those in urban areas, have constructed bomb shelters and carried out food collection initiatives lately, said a village leader.

More people started working on the arrangements following the instruction of United League of Arakan / Arakan Army (ULA/AA).

Days back, the ULA leaders asked the villages to build bomb shelters as soon as possible in the Mayu region of Rathedaung township located at the northern part of Rakhine State.

"The ULA leaders asked us to construct bomb shelters by digging earth and also collecting food items,” he added.

Another village elder said that he has no idea of the emerging conflicts in their region, but he preferred to be ready for any consequences.

Rathedaung township witnessed heavy gun fighting in the previous war and many civilians lost their lives. Now the residents have constructed bomb pit shelters in their residential campuses.

Almost every house in Kyauk Taw township has dug shelters, said a resident.

"The ULA leaders asked us to collect and store food items at least for five months as the roads may be closed in case the war with the junta forces begins in Rakhine State once again.

A rural woman alleged that many greedy businessmen started increasing the price of essential items.

"Taking advantage of the situation, they have increased the prices in recent days. They should not do so in the time of crisis for the people. I hope the AA takes a note of it,” she added.

Currently there is a ceasefire in Rakhine State, but the AA members are fighting along with ethnic groups like KIA and PDFs against the junta forces in Kachin, northern Shan States and Sagaing division. Operation 1027, which is currently underway in those areas the three
brotherhood alliances (MNDAA, TNLA and AA) after its launch on 8 November.

There is wild speculation that the war may spread to the Rakhine region also. Meanwhile, the junta authorities have sent heavy weapons to Rakhine State. There are also reports of small arms test firings in the region.

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