Friday, May 24th 2024

Military council loses 40 camps in Arakan war, 10 soldiers captured by AA

 Nearly 40 army camps, including the outpost and police stations, have been abandoned by junta forces on 13 November as the Arakan Army (AA) launched a massive offensive under the Operation 1027 throughout Rakhine State, said a statement issued by the United League of Arakan /Arakan Army (ULA/AA).


The statement with photographs of army captives along with ammunition also added that the soldiers retreated to nearby military camps.


The AA launched the attack in the morning hours on 13 November 2023 and successfully occupied Dom Pike border guard station. Chang Khali border guard station in Rathedaung township, 20 miles north of Sittwe, was captured on the second day.

 During the Min Bya fighting, 10 junta soldiers from Sittwe-based LIB (344) comprising deputy battalion commander major Thant Zin Tun (army-41597) and captain Phyo Zoya Hlaing (platoon commander of army-50732) were captured along with their arms.


More than 10 soldiers were killed and many injured.


On 13 November, the gun fighting between the junta forces and AA members broke out in two places of Rathedaung township, five places of Min Bya township and some places of Maungdaw township.


In Maungdaw, the battle between LIB 232 soldiers and AA members took place near Thinpaw Hla village, where a junta soldier was captured on 13 November.


According to the statement, 14 junta soldiers including LIB 232 deputy commander captain Kyaw Thet Naing were killed and some were injured.


The captured soldiers have been kept following rules under the Prisoner of War. ULA/AA has already asserted that the offensive will continue. Earlier 20 people were killed by the soldiers and six AA members also lost their lives.


On 13 November, 22 policemen from Apauk  Wa police station in Kyauk Taw  township surrendered to the AA with their weapons. Six more policemen from two other places also reportedly surrendered later.


The AA statement said that it will welcome the soldiers who surrender and join their side.

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