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After AA’a control over Pauk Taw town, junta forces fire on several locations using helicopter

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  • | Date: 16 November 2023
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The junta forces fired shelling on Pauk Taw town, 20 miles east of Sittwe, using a military helicopter  after the town was occupied and controlled by the Arakan  Army (AA).


The armed AA members captured  Pauk Taw police station on the Wednesday night, said local residents.


At around 9:46 am, a military helicopter flew over the town and started firing on several locations including a police station.


The helicopter came and bombed over several places. I heard the sound of bombing and gunshot many times. We are now hiding at a safer place," said a Pauk  Taw, while talking to Narinjara News.


No concrete report about the casualties and damage of properties has been coming out.


The AA captured the police station on 15 November and took control over the city.


The AA members asked the policemen to surrender before occupying the police station. Two Burmese officers refused to surrender even though the others agreed to it.


Then AA members proceeded and attacked the police station. Within 15 minutes, the police station was occupied by AA members.


The camp was invaded in the midnight hours and later the AA members detained 30 police constables and seized all the arms & ammunition.


After taking control of the police station, the AA members put down the Myanmar flag, and started controlling the entire locality.


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