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Commander and Entire 129 th Infantry Battalion Surrender to Three Brotherhood Alliance in Shan State

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  • | Date: 17 November 2023
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The Three Brotherhood Alliance reported that on November 12, the entire 129th Light Infantry Battalion led by Major Kyaw Ye Aung, under the Regional Operations Commands-ROC (Laukkai) in northern Shan State, consisting of 126 soldiers surrendered, and sought refuge in People's Embrace (Pyithu Yin Kwin).


The statement mentioned that the entire battalion, along with all their family members, reached out to the Three Brotherhood Alliance and sought refuge in People's Embrace.


The total number of 262 seeking refuge at People's Embrace comprised: 126 soldiers, along with 134 of their family members, including children, brothers, and sisters.


The battalion of Light Infantry Battalion 129th under Regional Operations Commands-ROC (Laukkai), was based in Yanghkum village, Manlaw village tract, Kokang Special Region1.


The statement also affirmed that the battalion commander, Major Kyaw Ye Aung, who led the entire battalion despite the imminent danger to their lives, will forever be recognized and honoured as a courageous hero, not only by themselves but also by the people of Myanmar.


The Three Brotherhood Alliance statement also mentioned that free health services were provided to those with health problems, and they were safely transported to their destinations. Some Individuals who sought refuge in People's Embrace were awarded MMK 1 million each, and their family members received MMK 100,000 each.


For those who sought refuge with the Three Brotherhood Alliance and found safety in People's Embrace, the Three Brotherhood Alliance has declared it acts by the following code of conduct in accepting those who surrender:


(1) We will guarantee the safety of their lives and safeguard both their human dignity and the dignity of soldiers.

(2) We will not engage in any form of torture, arrest, or detention

(3) We are committed to doing our utmost to facilitate the prompt reunification of families and relatives.

(4) We will provide significant support for the required travel expenses on the journey.

(5) Individuals who are sick or injured will receive comprehensive care, health services, and treatment to the best of our capacity.


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